DIXIE - 1963 Shasta 16SC

As shown when I first acquired it.

It's a '63 !!

Today I recruited a Lead Demolition Technician and went to work with the goal in mind to tear out the blackwater tank and all rot surrounding that area of th camper. In doing so... my LDT discovered that there was a stamp on the back of the mirror listing the date... May 1963  and we also found stamped on the side of the sink... June 1963 so theres that! Check out some pics of the demo and findings as well as the video of the day below.

The Head  before demo

Subfloor removed due to rot.

The back of the mirror where we found the year stamp to be 1963

 New 5/8" subfloor undercoated and seamed.


  1. Just jumped in to a renovation on a 1969 compact, so REAL HAPPY to find your blog. Thanks! Peggy

  2. I have a 62 , with same bathroom door. Just curious to your layout. Mine is all original with front gaucho couch , large kitchen and side dinette. Is it a rare model?? I have never seen this layout before.