Feb 28, 2011

Today: Finishing the Structural Work in the Rear Street Side Corner

 I took the corner apart and peeled up the siding to expose the rotten 1x2 that  held the whole corner up.

 I re-fit a 1x6pt back into that side corner attached to a still strong original 2x3, cut the studs up to bear on the 1x6. Got the whole corner back to life!

I am playing around with a design idea to retrofit a smal A/C unit into this upper cabinet over the rear side bed. Stay Tuned!

Feb 27, 2011

Rotten wood demo on the '63

IT'S a '63

Today we found out that what we were told was a 1962 Shasta 16SC is actually a 1963. We found a stamp on the back of a mirror and on the side of the bottom of the sink. Startin' to learn some history to the mystery!

Feb 25, 2011

Vintage Campground

So... I have entered into a project that I find very interesting, challenging and satisfying. I love home renovations and restorations. I love camping. And i love anything with wheels or wings... and Shastas have both. Follow my progress with project Vintage Campground! Happy camping y'all!
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