May 13, 2011

And Then There Was Light

I've been working on the exterior lighting of Dixie lately. I removed all the original lights and wiring and replaced it all with new.

 The original tail lights were trashed. The lenses were faded the bases were rusted.

The side marker lights were either missing or rusted beyond repair.

 I decided to retrofit LED fixtures for the tail lights. I bought a kit that included the tail lights with side marker lights and a tag light. I took it all apart and was able to use the side marker lights and tag lights in a way that I will describe later.

 First the tail lights: I secured the fixture directly to the camper and ordered new Bargman 99 lenses.

 The lenses secure to the fixture and all waterproofing has been completed

The side marker lights are installed but I failed to take pictures of that but I did take a picture of the sanding prep I did before painting and installation.

I decided to mount the LED side light accessory into the top rear of the wings to provide a little extra visibility from behind at night.

First I had my lovely assistant, Nadia help strip the paint off both wings. The previous owner painted them white. Tonka guarded the shop entrance from spy's as the wing tip lights was a top secret endeavor

I cut a 3/4" by 2" hole in both wings and then cut out two pieces of red lens material and secured them inside the wing covering the holes.

I screwed in the LED fixture and ran wire through the wing.

And BAM!! They work!!

Lastly, I took the original tail light housing and cleaned it up. I cut a portion of the bottom of it out and fit in another LED fixture that came with the kit. I will post some pictures of it and the side marker lights soon. I ran new wiring from the tongue back to the rear lights and tested all the exterior lighting and am now confident that I will be good to go for my July 4th St Augustine trip. Next, I will finish up some other 12volt wiring tasks for interior lights and outlets, finish up some structural work and start the insulation. I bought 8 - 4x8 sheets of 1/8" birch plywood so I am ready for this huge milestone! Stay tuned!


  1. What a great idea to place the side marker lights into the wings. Reminds me of a plane flying by.

  2. @tkcopley Thanks for the comment! I like the aircraft reference.... I should make them blink... but I don't think the D.O.T. would approve. Maybe the F.A.A., but not D.O.T.!