Jun 21, 2011

Now She's Really Coming Together

With my deadline rapidly approaching, I can say that I am comfortable that she will be camp-worthy by the end of next week. Not finished, but camp-worthy.

I cleaned up the wheels and hubs and painted them. I also got chrome lug nuts and it looks like a HOTROD!!

My Insulation Installation Technician (Nadia) did 95% of the installation of insulation. She used 3/4 inch fiberglass duct board for most of it and 3/4 inch foam board for about 20% of it. I spray foamed the smaller areas.
This is the bathroom area (Head) in the rear of the camper. 

We installed the "Wood-like" planks of vinyl flooring which we LOVE!!!

Then we started the new 1/8 inch birch ply walls and ceilings. HUGE milestone!!

And my favorite part of the whole project was rebuilding the bathroom. 

I actually made it a bit bigger than the original in that I took away some countertop space from next to the sink and added that countertop space to the bathroom. Now I am a bit less claustrophobic in there!

   So...... That's all for now. Stay tuned for more later!!

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  1. It is looking great! I have a 1964 Shasta 16scs and I love her!