The Campground

Though calling my property a "Campground" is a bit of a stretch being as I don't have actual permission to do so by local zoning officials, I plan to use the space as a private campground. From a legal standpoint, I could describe it as just a hobby and having the campers stored on my property is not against any local codes or laws. I have no deed restrictions either. If I want to have friends or family or people I trust to be respectful and honest stay in my campers and experience what I think is such a fun change from the norm, then I believe I have the right to do so. I see them as guest homes...on wheels. Lot's of properties have guest homes and who is to say how many and how long someone is allowed to stay in those guest homes. I should be fine.

Here's the scene:

My property is small. A quarter acre give or take a few square yards. Jensen Beach, Florida is the town. My property sits up a small hill about 15 feet above sea level. It is about an eighth of a mile from the Indian River/ Intracoastal Waterway and 2 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. Lots of water sports and fun in the sun around here. The town is small and most of it is riverside and we have our own beach... Jensen Beach! My neighborhood is one of the originals so it's got an old charm and a bunch of character. My home was built in 1945. A two bed one bath cottage style that was well taken care of through the years. Still has it's original tin roof... all windows and doors are original. It sits pretty forward on the property with a side driveway leading to a concrete block built shop in the back. the back yard is big enough for 5 or 6 small trailers arranged in a tasteful and comfortable manner. The two I have now are set exactly where they work and look best with an emphasis on forming a campground like atmosphere. I have a large fire pit in the center of what will be a ring of campers in the future. I'll be adding other popular campground items as I can like picnic table and horseshoe pit, BBQ... etc.

Get to know me and come stay at the Vintage Campground sometime!
 (after I get Dixie all fixed up of coarse)

March 2011

Coming soon!
 Major change coming soon for the Vintage Campground.....

In an effort to protect Buddy during the approaching storm season here in sunny South Florida, it's time to relocate it to beside the shop and as close as possible to it.  Dixie The '63 will be pushed from her current location back and away from the shop and will remain totally accessible when its time to go travelin'.
I will be rebuilding the fire pit closer to the two campers, more centered between them. A paver patio/ pathway for the two is in the plans.

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