Jul 19, 2011

Dixie Pix

We had a great trip to St. Augustine for our maiden voyage on Independence Day weekend. We put about 400 miles on her! Things went really good with the exception of low air pressure in the tires. I had them at around 40psi when we started out and once we reached 65mph, she got kinda squirrely. I pulled off in Vero Beach and put them up to 65psi and that solved that issue. When we returned, I decided to relocate her to closer to my home due to hurricane season. She will not be as exposed to potential high winds from the East and fairly well covered from the West. Also, she is out of direct sunlight due to the shade tree seen below. The tree is not really big enough to do major damage if it were to blow over in a storm but it provides a lot of shade. I had company in town this past weekend so Dixie became Billy's Inn.

 Here are the latest photos. I still have a ton of detail work to do which I look forward to. Enjoy!! 

Jul 8, 2011

Oven For Sale

I am selling my Holiday oven due to a new configuration plan for cooking. The chrome has a bunch of surface rust but the unit was barely used. The inside of the oven is very clean. 

I would like to get $150 plus shipping for it. Feel free to email me at dozerb79@gmail.com  

The oven is 21 1/2 inch wide from outside edges of chrome trim.
21 1/2 inch from top to bottom of outside edge of chrome trim.
19 3/8 inch front to back to outside edge of chrome trim not including the handle or knobs.