Sep 16, 2011

Back To Work

Well... It has been a while but I have been inspired to get back to work on Dixie ( thanks to Tyler ) of NastyShasty is a great new blog that I found today and shows a really well done Astrodome renovation.  Tyler has come up with some great ideas and a new layout for his Shasta. I love woodworking and really need to get back into Dixie and continue on with all the hard work I started.

 I still enjoy going out and sitting in Dixie just to chill-out! It's like my fort I guess. Nadia and I stayed the night in her last weekend but never left the yard. It was fun! We had dinner in her, drank a little beer, played strip scrabble and then passed out! (sorry... No pix of that!! ;)  Campin' is AWESOME!!

 I am in the process of moving her forward again. I expanded the privacy fence toward the front of my house about 20 feet and made a 10 foot wide gate in an effort to be able to get her out to the street with much more ease. I am going to move Buddy (my 19 Deluxe) behind her so now they will both be up tight to the side of my home and shaded by the home and existing trees. I'll post pix of that later. for now... Here are some pix of Tonka enjoying hanging out in Dixie!