Apr 13, 2011

Sneak a Peak at Dixie's New Dress

I did a test paint to try and find a shade of turquoise that I like and here is the first shade. I think I found the right one already. What a change from white on white with no stripe.

A little screw removal and sanding

Obviously... This is the color we wanted for Dixie
So I continue!
It has been breezy here the past few weeks but I catch a break from time to time and will just continue to do sections. Today I got the front curbside and door done. 


  1. Oh, I love it! Nice color. Can not wait to paint Rosie. Rosie is also white on white.

  2. I appreciate your compliment! I have so many favorite color combos so it was hard to choose! Rosie will look so slick with the Z paint. What color are you leaning towards?

  3. LOve your color choice! We just brought our 64 shasta home last night. It is all white but I we are really thinking of doing the two tone with the stripe. I like the blues and aquas but my Husband is leaning toward a red/orangey color. Anyway your paint job really lets me see what can be accomplished!