Jun 28, 2011

Almost Done and ready for Independence Day

A view of the rear storage compartment under the bed

Table installed.

120v outlet and 12v outlets

Jun 24, 2011

A place to lay my weary head

Last night I built the bed. I did not make the bed to slide out like the original because I felt as though I did not need extra floor space or another couch to sit on. I would rather have more storage space. I divided the space into two compartments. One is accessible through a door inside and the othe through the outside compartment door. I raised the bed platform from the original 13 inches to 20 inches to further increase storage capacity.

Jun 22, 2011

A Place To Sit And Reflect

The original floor plan for this Shasta had a bench across the front facing the rear. We decided to change it to the two bench facing each other configuration because the views are much better looking out the front windows. I have the first bench completed. It was the harder of the two to build in that you have one side exposed.

 And now I have them both done and will be working on the rear bed tonight. I got the seats from my 1961 Deluxe. Dixie did not have her original seats when I got her.

Jun 21, 2011

Now She's Really Coming Together

With my deadline rapidly approaching, I can say that I am comfortable that she will be camp-worthy by the end of next week. Not finished, but camp-worthy.

I cleaned up the wheels and hubs and painted them. I also got chrome lug nuts and it looks like a HOTROD!!

My Insulation Installation Technician (Nadia) did 95% of the installation of insulation. She used 3/4 inch fiberglass duct board for most of it and 3/4 inch foam board for about 20% of it. I spray foamed the smaller areas.
This is the bathroom area (Head) in the rear of the camper. 

We installed the "Wood-like" planks of vinyl flooring which we LOVE!!!

Then we started the new 1/8 inch birch ply walls and ceilings. HUGE milestone!!

And my favorite part of the whole project was rebuilding the bathroom. 

I actually made it a bit bigger than the original in that I took away some countertop space from next to the sink and added that countertop space to the bathroom. Now I am a bit less claustrophobic in there!

   So...... That's all for now. Stay tuned for more later!!

Jun 14, 2011

Just wanted to shed a little more light on a subject

Hello! My name is Billy and I am a L.E.D.aholic. It has been 6 days since the last L.E.D. was installed on Dixie.
I took the grab handle off her and retrofit a three lamp, yellow L.E.D. fixture up inside the handle.

I also installed a yellow plastic lens into the existing opening on the front of the handle

It serves as a subtle porch light, a night light, and it lights up the lock, handle and step nicely!

It is wired to the 12v system and being that it is L.E.D., it won't be drawing a lot of power. Easy retrofit for sure!

As promised, here are a couple shots of the factory roof vent that I installed.

I am 95% done with insulating using foil backed duct board and soon will be installing the wall paneling. A huge step for me. I can't wait! The A/C is working so good. It has been up to 95 degrees here and she stays so cool on the inside. Insulating really helped. Night and day difference! After wall panels, I can build the front seats and the rear bed and the bathroom. My specialty is woodworking so this ought to be a breeze! Looking forward to Independence Day on Vilano Beach (St. Augustine)!!!!