Jun 14, 2011

Just wanted to shed a little more light on a subject

Hello! My name is Billy and I am a L.E.D.aholic. It has been 6 days since the last L.E.D. was installed on Dixie.
I took the grab handle off her and retrofit a three lamp, yellow L.E.D. fixture up inside the handle.

I also installed a yellow plastic lens into the existing opening on the front of the handle

It serves as a subtle porch light, a night light, and it lights up the lock, handle and step nicely!

It is wired to the 12v system and being that it is L.E.D., it won't be drawing a lot of power. Easy retrofit for sure!

As promised, here are a couple shots of the factory roof vent that I installed.

I am 95% done with insulating using foil backed duct board and soon will be installing the wall paneling. A huge step for me. I can't wait! The A/C is working so good. It has been up to 95 degrees here and she stays so cool on the inside. Insulating really helped. Night and day difference! After wall panels, I can build the front seats and the rear bed and the bathroom. My specialty is woodworking so this ought to be a breeze! Looking forward to Independence Day on Vilano Beach (St. Augustine)!!!!

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  1. Thanks for posting the shots and description of the LED's in the grab handle. I've been thinking about getting a light in there on our '63 and I really like your solution!